We love complexity

Planning for machines, routing, labor, materials, tools, inventory, and other moving parts is too complex to solve by tinkering in a spreadsheet or with a linear programming tool.

Kinta helps manufacturers conquer the complexity of the modern factory.

Our platform allows you to

Generate new plans instantly in response to new orders, downed machines, or logistics disruptions

Free production planners from repetitive, error-prone planning tasks

Analyze scenarios via a high-fidelity simulation of your factory

Measure factory floor operations against business goals

Build supply chain resilience through lean resource utilization

How our algorithm works

Our proprietary AI algorithm combines next-generation Reinforcement Learning and traditional Linear Programming to efficiently find solutions. It simulates production in a digital model of your factory, optimizing a schedule against a configurable objective function.

By rapidly producing detailed, optimized schedules, Kinta’s AI solution is uniquely designed to help modern manufacturers excel in real time operations.

How integration works

Our connectors unify data from your ERP, MES, and Industry 4.0 tools to maintain a detailed model of your factory. To configure your data connectors, Kinta can provide integration services or support your preferred system integrators.

Two-way integrations digitize your factory floor and fit seamlessly into your operations.

How reporting works

Our platform offers a growing set of reporting and visualization tools, allowing production planners to identify bottlenecks early, make sure orders get delivered on time, and achieve lean production benchmarks.

Reports are generated dynamically on reschedule. They can be easily shared and piped into your data systems to reduce communication overhead.

Detailed, up-to-date reports help you gain control of factory floor resources.

Our advantage

    Legacy softwareKinta


    > 1 day to run, making rescheduling during production impossible

    < 10 min for a standard planning period


    Simplified, rigid factory model producing impracticable schedules

    Detailed, up-to date factory model producing actionable schedules


    Restricted to operating from a limited set of ERP data

    Structured, automated ingestion from multiple sources, supporting your digitization strategy