Simplify Your Complexity

Creating production schedules is a challenging manual task: accounting for machine cycle times, routing, labor, materials, tools, inventory and multi-level bills of materials exhausts the human planner. Unlike Excel spreadsheets or traditional scheduling tools, Kinta enables you to master your factory’s complexity and surpass your operational goals.

The Advantage of AI Schedules

    Legacy Scheduling ToolsKinta Scheduling Platform


    Takes hours to schedule and reschedule

    Takes minutes


    Simplified, rigid factory models

    Detailed, up-to-date factory model


    Unconstrained and infeasible schedules

    Actionable and accurate schedules


    Restricted to limited historical data

    Structured and automatic live data feeds

    How Our Algorithm Works

    Our proprietary AI algorithms combines next-generation Reinforcement Learning and traditional Linear Programming to generate optimized schedules specific to your facility. The Kinta platform generates a digital twin of your facility to provide an optimized simulation of your factory operations.

    Kinta schedules and reschedules in minutes instead of hours, enabling you to win the day, every day even in the face of supply chain disruptions. 

    You can read more about Kinta’s algorithms on our blog.

    How Data Integration Works

    To ensure a live data connection, Kinta provides integration services into your preferred data systems. Our connectors unify data from your ERP, MES, databases and Industry 4.0 tools to create a digital twin model of your factory.

    Two-way integrations provide end-to-end visibility across your supply chain for a closed-loop factory scheduling process.

    How Analytics Works

    Kinta empowers production planners with a customizable set of reporting and data visualization tools, allowing users to solve bottlenecks early and to prioritize the right orders with the right materials, at the right time.You can monitor your business critical KPIs with Kinta’s built-in dashboards, or push the data directly into your BI tools via an API.

    Live, actionable analytics supports visibility and collaboration across all levels of your organization.