Efficient algorithms for better production schedules

Bring unparalleled optimization to your factory floor with Kinta.

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Stanley Black & DeckerFortune 500 industrial
BASFWorld’s largest chemical producer
Diebold NixdorfWorld’s largest ATM manufacturer

Optimize your schedules

Manual scheduling and linear programming take hours to calculate complex detailed production plans. Our AI solution produces optimized plans immediately.

How our algorithm works

Integrate your data

Unify your data in a digital model of your factory. Kinta’s data connectors standardize and validate your data to provide real time scheduling.

How integration works

Monitor your outcomes

Gain control through visibility into factory floor resources. Kinta’s platform offers actionable reports on expected delivery dates, bottlenecks, and performance indicators to improve business outcomes.

How reporting works

Better schedules, better results

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Decrease inMAKESPAN
Decrease inSETUP TIMES

What our customers have to say

Kinta's technology is exciting for any manufacturer who is serious about Industry 4.0. We look forward to rolling out Kinta's tools to our factories globally.

Eren Yilmaz,Director of Industry 4.0 Innovation

Kinta is a dedicated company, which puts themselves into the customer's shoes. They have a novel AI technology for quick and sustainable results.

Florian Kache,Former Senior Supply Chain Innovation Manager